Delve into an interactive story – together with your friends!

One team, one story, one mission per chapter:

Only as a team you will be able to solve the tricky riddles and unravel the dramatic mysteries. You take the roles of henchmen to the dubious Operator. He is a hacker who assigns you to break into buildings, find prove of blackmail and dispossess politicians.

The ending of the story is in your own hands!

“Crime Runners is the beginning of a new era of ‘Escape the Room’-games and Austria’s first Live Action Adventure. Between two and six participants get assignments from the mysterious operator and undergo, in the course of one hour, an exciting and reasoned story.

The classic concept ‘Room Escape’ has therefor been extended by special effects and leads to a completely new experience.

The Story

Write your own story

Chapter 1

The Dark Secret of the Congressman

In the first mission for the Operator you have to prove that your worthy of being part of his team. The corrupt politician Simon Dickson has gone into hiding because of mistrust proceedings against him. The opposition has assigned you to find evidence about his disappearance and his dark deeds in order to finally end his career.

The operator makes you visit Dickson’s mansion and break into his private office. Uncover the politician’s racketeering and put a stop to his illegal game.

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per Person
Chapter 2

Crime Scene: Back Alley

That was close! However, the operator is satisfied with what you’ve done and your next mission is waiting for you:
You were introduced in a crime scene unit and have to find evidence about a murder case. Who is the victim? Where is the murder weapon? And – most importantly – who is the murderer? Possibly there’s more behind it than it seems at first.

To make matters worse, there’s a storm coming up that is about to destroy the scene of crime. You’ve got only one hour to solve the case and seek shelter. The clock is ticking!

from € 19,-

per Person
Chapter 3

Patient Zero (Coming soon)

The Grand Finale is still our secret but we are currently working hard to make our vision real. The only thing we can tell you right now:

We are going to put the story lines of the first two chapters together and then top the action.

from € 19,-

per Person


Escape The Room in the heart of Vienna

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You can order directly from our website by accepting a mission. Chose a date and an open time slot and pick the number of players who want to experience the Live Action Adventure. You can pay via all established and secure online paying methods or alternatively cash before your adventure starts.

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Birthday and Wedding-Eve Parties

You want something special for your birthday or wedding-eve party? At Crime Runners everything is possible. Everything but boredom! Contact us and we can organize your personal event.


For classic teambuilding measures or as a possibility for creative assessment tasks: Crime Runners, as an advancement of Escape the Room-Games, is a perfect way to give your staff members an extraordinary experience and at the same time weld your team or department together.

The tricky tasks can only be mastered by working together.

Additionally we have got the ticking of the clock and audiovisual effects that create artificial pressure and stress. Who is going to take the lead? Who masters the tasks that are given to them? Who stays cool when the time is nearly over? You are going to discover facets and talents of your staff members, that you’ve never seen before – not by uniform reporting sheets but by exciting practical tasks.

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About us

We – Stefan, Steffen, and Lukas – are a team of three enthusiastic Escape the Room players. But somehow we have always had the feeling that there was something missing in the great concept of these kind of games and that the experience could be made even more intense. With Crime Runners we try to fill this gap by adding audiovisual effects and an interactive story.

We are looking forward to your feedback to Crime Runners.


Are you looking for a gift? For Christmas, birthdays or other special occasions: With a Crime Runners Voucher you cannot do anything wrong and your friends are going to love the experience!