Games for Groups of Adults: 5 unique games

You are looking for games for groups of adults, maybe for a party or a team building event? We’ve got five unique game ideas for you!

The best 5 Games for Groups of Adults

The fact, that adults enjoy group games just as much as children is often overlooked. In search of exciting games for groups of adults, you often discover a lot more options for children birthday parties than for adults. We want to change that! In this article, we will introduce you to five unique group games for which you will need little to no materials – only a few keen players.

Games for Groups of Adults #1: Building Monuments

From 6 players – the more players participate, the bigger your imagination can go.

Building Monuments” is a game for groups of adults that requires a high amount of imagination, creativity and flexibility.

The rules are simple: In every round one player is appointed the architect, who must choose a famous monument and recreate it with the help of the other players. For the reconstruction, they choose a few volunteers – depending on how big the project is. The chosen volunteers will be the building material and the architect will mold them into the monument. The catch is, that all of this must be done without words, because the remaining players must guess which monument was built. Whoever makes the right guess gets one point.

A new architect is chosen in every round, so the game can have as many rounds as you like. The player with the most points wins the game.

Games for Groups of Adults #2: Count to 20

Games for Groups of Adults Count to 20

3-20 players (with more players, you’ll need more patience 😉)

Counting to twenty isn’t a big challenge for an adult, but doing it as a group, one at a time without prior agreement? We cannot guarantee that you’ll want to play a second round of “Count to 20”.

How it works: First of all, you’ll need to gather a lot of players, preferably with a lot of patience. After gathering the group, every player silently spreads out in the room, it doesn’t matter if they’re sitting, standing, or even walking around slowly. Now a player begins the game with saying “One” loud and clear. Now another player must continue the count, without looking at the others and without strategic planning. The round ends when you reached number 20. If two players interrupt each other, the count must start from the beginning.

How many tries does it take you to reach 20 and how many rounds until your patience snaps?

Games for Groups of Adults #3: Murder in the quarter

Outline of a body

From 3 players – the more players participate, the better your detective work must be.

The group game “Murder in the quarter” demands great detectives and creative minds. For each round, you’ll chose one detective from the group. That player leaves the room for a few minutes, while the others decide who is going to be the murderer the detective must expose later. Additionally, everyone thinks of a creative and detailed alibi.

As soon as everybody is ready, the detective comes back into the room and starts questioning the suspects. After hearing every alibi, the detective must leave the room again for about a minute. When they return, all the suspects tell their alibi again, with one difference: the murderer will change one small detail in their story. The detective needs a good memory to identify the lie and therefore the murderer. If the detective is successful, they win. If the lie isn’t detected, the murderer wins.

If you think the game might be boring with only one detective, you can chose two. It will be much harder to outsmart two detectives. 😉

Games for Groups of Adults #4: Paper Airplane Flying Contest

Paper Planes

You can also play this game alone, but it is way more fun with at least two players. But keep in mind: the more players participate, the better your paper airplane must be!

Who still knows how to fold a paper airplane? It is not a skill you need to practice every day, so most people forget it very quickly. But that is exactly why this game is so much fun and a perfect activity for adults! No one really remembers the instructions.

The rules are simple: everyone starts folding a paper airplane – you can either set a time limit or let everyone work on their paper airplane as long as they need to. We recommend using different colored paper, it makes it easier to distinguish the airplanes from one another. As soon as all the airplanes are ready, you start with the fun part: let them fly as far as you can! The winner is the player, whose paper airplane travelled the farthest.

The paper airplane flying contest is also a great game for team building events. Put your knowledge about paper airplane folding to a test in small groups. You can also fold more than one airplane, test them, and then combine the gained knowledge into one high-flyer 😉 The optimized airplane is then going to compete in the main contest.

Games for Groups of Adults #5: Crime Runners

Speaking of team building – Escape Rooms are also great games for groups of adults and a perfect fit for team events.

In the Escape Rooms at Crime Runners, you work together in a team of up to six players and solve tricky riddles, which will test your limits from time to time, but ultimately bring you together as a team.  With interactive elements, impressive special effects and surprising twists, you will experience a team building event to remember!

Who takes the lead, who notices the little details and who stays on top of things? Find out now and book your Escape Game at Crime Runners.

So many ideas – what’s next?

You can’t get enough of games for groups of adults? Try them all out! You can also get creative and make up your own games and rules. Get together and enjoy a fun game night or an eventful team building.

Ready, steady, play!