Pub Quiz – a phenomenon that is even popular at the Wikipedia conference, as shown in our title image. However, it’s even more usual at pubs and bars. You meet up some friends in the evening and play against other teams with your shared knowledge. There are questions from fields like geography, politics, history, and biology, as well as specialized knowledge, current events and nerdy stuff – in the most positive sense there can be. We have prepared an overview for each day of the week – last updated January 2018.

Pub Quiz Bars – our Top 3

In all of Vienna’s districts there are more than 45 locations organizing regular pub quiz nights. You can play a pub quiz in Vienna on each day of the week. Before we present our overview, we’d like to share with you our personal Top 3 of pub quiz locations in Vienna. In these bars it is important to make a reservation since quiz nights are often extremely busy. The order of our Top 3 is random and is built on our personal taste.

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Shebeen Pub in the 7th District

Every Monday there is a Pub Quiz at Shebeen on Lerchenfelderstraße. You get there by taking the tram 13A to the station Lerchenfelder / Strozzigasse. It is also busy on other days of the week and best known for great burgers. The international pub is famous for its authentic flair, the barkeepers and service staff welcome you in English. The prices for drinks are average for Vienna and there’s a broad range of drinks. You’ll often meet regular teams on the quiz nights, questions and categories are thought through and the atmosphere is great.

Club Berlin at Schottenring

Club Berlin offers a great atmosphere at its regular Thursday night pub quiz. There’s a jackpot rule, monthly and yearly high scores as well as drink vouchers that attract a versatile group of regulars. The quiz itself is split in two parts (General Knowledge and Music) with prizes for each part. A jackpot of more than 200 Euro can be won in both parts. The name Club Berlin fits the location perfectly. On the ground floor there’s the bar, bistro tables and a few seats. Exciting is the way downstairs towards the masonry basement. There you’ll find three more rooms with lots of space, table football, seats and club area. Everything is a little old, just like usually in Berlin, and thus the location has its very special charm. If you’re hungry you can order convenient snacks, like bread loafs with feta cheese or topped brown bread. The list of drinks offers a very broad range and the prices are low considering the location in the heart of the city.

Spielbar in the 8th District

It is not only the name that lures quiz experts to the place called Spielbar in the 8th District. Beside of quiz night on Tuesdays it’s also busy on other nights of the week. On Wednesday, for example, there’ regular Bingo of Drinks, on Sunday there’s the Howling of Werewolves and every day there are 100 board games for game night that can be borrowed for free. For all those who like a bit of motion, there’s table football and darts. The bar itself is way smaller than locations like Shebeen or Club Berlin, which means that evenings are a little more quiet in here. The service staff is extremely friendly and it’s all about playing games. The prices are average. If you get hungry you can buy toasts, salads, burritos and tortilla pizza.

Pub Quiz FAQ

The best size for groups is between four and six players. You eat, drink and play various rounds of different quiz topics. In the end the team with most points wins. The exact rules depend on the bar and may vary from location to location.

In many locations the winners get free drinks or gift prizes. Some bars offer a monthly, quarterly, etc. high score. In some locations there are jackpots the night’s winning team gets to play for. In this case there’s money to win.

If the pub quiz is not for free or something else is unusual about a location, there’s information on it in our overview.

Please note that many pub quiz bars have summer breaks between June and September. Especially in pubs, the group activity can be played in English and German. We recommend to ring the location and ask for the next quiz night’s language, since the language specifications may vary from time to time.

One of the most prominent organizer for quiz nights in Vienna is Quizmanufaktur, a company that is in charge of quizzes in more than 10 locations.

Pub Quiz on Monday

Our personal tip for a pub quiz on Monday is Café Benno in the 8th District. There’s a second regular pub quiz on Tuesday, drinks are convenient, the atmosphere nice and Café Benno is also known as a Game Bar. We recommend to make a reservation since quiz nights are always busy.

Please note that the quizzes at The Wild Geese and LOOP don’t take place each Monday. Check the locations’ Websites or Facebook pages to make sure there is a pub quiz.

Name  District  Station  Time Info
Molly Darcy‘s 1010 U2 Schottentor 19.00 League system
Billabong Pub 1010 U3 Stubentor 20.30 2€ / P.
Crossfields Pub 1010 U1/2/4 Karlsplatz 20.00 650€ Gift Prizes
The Wild Geese 1030 71/18 St.Marx 21.00 Every 2nd Monday
Four Bells 1040 U1 Taubstummengasse 20.00 Money prizes
Backbone Pub 1070 5 Kaiserstraße / Burggasse 20.00
Shebeen 1070 13A & U2/3 Volkstheater 19.00
Golden Harp 1080 5/33 Florianigasse 19.00 3€ / P.
Café Benno 1080 U6 Alser Straße 20.00 Reservation
Tam o’Shanter’s 1090 D/33 Augasse 20.00 Jackpot / Voucher
SAXX 1090 U6 Währinger Straße 20.00 2€ / P.
Isaac’s Pub 1090 U6 Nußdorfer Straße 20.00 Large jackpot
Kringers 1150 U6 Burggasse 20.00 Garden area
Na-nÓg 1180 U6 Nußdorfer Straße 19.00 Money prizes & Season

Pub Quiz on Tuesday

Our personal pub quiz tip for Tuesday is Spielbar with its broad selection of board games and other game nights like Wednesday Bingo. A location we also recommend is Johnny’s Pub in the 4th District, an original English Pub with British Flair that is different from many Irish Pubs in the city.

Please note that the pub quiz at Rupp’s does not take place each Tuesday. Check the locations’ Website or Facebook page to make sure there is a pub quiz.

Name District Station Time Info
Johnny’s Pub 1040 U1 Taubstummengasse 20.00  Jackpot
Wohlleben 1040 U1 Taubstummengasse 21.00  Jackpot
Rupp’s 1050 6/18 Arbeitergasse 20.00  1st Tuesday
Das Käuzchen 1070 U2/U3 Volkstheater 19.30  German & English
FriDos 1080 13A / 46 Strozzigasse / Lerchenfelder 20.00 2€ / No summer break
Café Benno 1080 U6 Alser Straße 20.00 Reservation
Spielbar Wien 1080 43/44 Lange Gasse 20.30 Board games
Connolly’s 1120 U4 Schönbrunn 20.00
Wombat’s 1150 U3/6 Westbahnhof 20.30 English / Jackpot

Pub Quiz on Wednesday

Our tip for Wednesday is the Pub Quiz at Na-nÓg close to Nußdorferstraße. The location is an Irish Pub calling itself second living room, and it lives up to this standard. The atmosphere is open and relaxed, the service staff friendly.

Please note that the quizzes at Apothek’n and Café Stadtbahn don’t take place every Wednesday and the quiz at Polkadot on a non-regular basis. Check the locations’ Website or Facebook page to make sure there is a pub quiz.

Name District Station Time Info
Pointers 1040 U1/2/4 Karlsplatz 19.00 2€ / Team & Jackpot
Addicted to Rock 1060 U2 Museumsquartier 19.00 Jackpot
Apothek‘n 1070 U6 Thaliastraße 20.30 Every 2nd week & Jackpot
Polkadot 1080 U6 Thaliastraße 20.00 Irregularly
U.S.W. Beisl 1080 43/44 Lange Gasse 20.00 Nerd knowledge & Money prizes
Café Stadtbahn 1180 9/40/41 Gersthof Bahnst. 21.00 2nd Wednesday

Pub Quiz on Thursday

For Thursday we don’t have one personal tip for you, but three! The locations are Escape Metal Corner in the 7th District, Down Under in the 6th District and Shebeen.

As you might have concluded by the name Corner is a Heavy Metal bar, where you can also go to see concerts. Most convenient at the Corner is Jack & Coke, in general the prices are affordable for students. Down Under is an Australian pub that is comfortable but quite noisy. If you are planning to play here you should make a reservation. What makes Shebeen special is the large number of regular teams and the quality of the quizzes.

Please note that the quizzes at Escape Metal Corner, Tunnel Vienna and Café Lassa don’t take place each Thursday. Check the locations’ Website or Facebook page to make sure there is a pub quiz.

Name District Station Time Info
Club Berlin 1010 U2/4 Schottenring 19.30 Weekly & annualy Jackpot
Downunder 1060 U4 Pilgramgasse 20.30 Reservation & Jackpot
Escape Metal Corner 1070 U6 Thaliastraße 20.00 Every 2nd week & Jackpot
Tunnel Vienna 1080 5 Florianigasse 20.30 Irregularly & Jackpot
nachBar 1080 5 Laudongasse 20.00 Jackpot
Café Lassa 1090 D Bauernfeldplatz 20.30 English, 2nd Thursday

Pub Quiz on Friday

Our pub quiz tips for Friday: Schwarzer Rabe in Ottakring and Bebop. The pub quiz tradition at Rabenbräu already began in 2004.

Special for both locations is the music quiz that takes place at the same time as the regular pub quiz, in which you have to guess songs. At Rabenbräu you have the additional chance to win the prize for funniest answer. While other pub quiz nights also include questions about music, the music themed quizzes at these two locations are – as far as we know – unique.

Name District Station Time Info
Bebop 1140 U3 Kendlerstraße 1€ / P. & Music quiz
Schwarzer Rabe 1160 U3 Ottakring 19.30 1€ / P. & Music quiz

Pub Quiz on Saturday & Sunday

There are lots of other events in Vienna each Saturday. This may be one reason why we only know of one non-regular pub quiz that takes place on each last Saturday of a month at Café Gitarre. This quiz is music themed and is called Musical Heart Massage.

For Sunday our recommendation is Charlie P’s, a pub that is especially popular among students since it’s located close to University. Upstairs you can spend a quiet evening and eat, downstairs in the basement there’s room for parties. Around the corner you also find Highlander Pub with its own pub quiz on Sunday.

Please note that the quizzes at Kleinbonum, Café Gitarre, Little Stage, and Bastille Pub don’t take place each weekend. Check the locations’ Website or Facebook page to make sure there is a pub quiz.

Name District  Station Time Info
Kleinbonum 1030 U3 Kardinal-Nagl-Platz 20.00 1st Saturday
Café Gitarre 1040 U1 Hauptbahnhof 21.00 Last Saturday
Little Stage 1050 U4 Pilgramgasse 19.30 1st Sunday
Dublin Irish Pub 1060 U4 Pilgramgasse 19.00 2€ / P.
Charlie P‘s 1090 U2 Schottentor 20.00
Highlander Pub 1090 U2 Schottentor 19.00
Bastille Pub 1180 41 Türkenschanzplatz 20.00 Jackpot, last Saturday

With all these possibilities it’s not easy to choose. We hope that our daily pub quiz tips, the overview and station tips help you to make your decision. Enjoy solving riddles at your next pub quiz night in Vienna.

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